Saturday, October 23, 2010


Perspective is a funny thing. I think most Purdue fans thought a loss was nearly-inevitable coming into today's game in Columbus...furthermore, most expected a drubbing. Well we got it. But for me as a fan, it didn't sting too bad. Well, not until I saw Henry's hands dripping from blood and later heard the description of the injury- a crushed index finger. Then the loss hurt badly. I still haven't heard a medical explanation of what a crushed index finger means (in this case)...but what it probably means is something, maybe multiple-somethings are broken in his throwing hand. But even if he didn't break anything, he had a significant laceration to the finger that controls where the ball is going. While he could still run the ball, he probably can't throw it with any accuracy. So I expect to see Sean Robinson starting next week in Champaign.
So we've gone from the ridiculous to the ludicrous...Let's review:
1. Robert Marve
Out for season-torn ACL
2. Caleb TerBush
Unavailable for season- Academically Ineligible

3. Rob Henry
???- Crushed index finger
And there you have it.

After Robinson, Skyler Titus, a walk-on, is next in line.

So I'll do...I'll make a prediction: Justin Siller will start at quarterback this season. Currently, Siller is an injured wide receiver whose condition is improving rapidly (according to the pre-game radio broadcast this morning)...but not for long, in my opinion.

Hope has tried to avoid putting Siller back at QB, but it's nearly-inevitable at this point. One very good thing about Siller at the position, is he is a big, strong guy...but, he's a big, strong guy who hasn't taken snaps at the position in nearly two years.

I like Sean Robinson's potential, but he's looked pretty nervous back there- both today and last week. Maybe he'll look better after a week with the ones...but who knows how much better. Plus, if he's coached at all like Henry was this week, he might be forced into something that he's not made for.

Versus the Buckeyes, Henry wasn't running the ball a whole bunch. The coaches were probably trying to protect him. Another indicator that they were trying to keep 15 healthy was he seemed to have a quick trigger to throw the ball away...and man, when he threw it away, there was no doubt! His throw-aways are often in the stands.

I joked with my brother coming into this game about an idea- what if a coach decided coming into a game like this to use it like a bye for the starters. Rest everybody, get them healthy and just accept the loss. Couldn't have been any worse, could it? aOSU was pretty merciful in the second half. Not only did their second string QB see action, but their third...same in many positions on both sides of the ball. At the same time, we saw Reggie Pegram and Normando Harris both burn their redshirt eligibility. Both seem to be the result of attrition as Dierking was unavailable and McBurse seems ineffective when he plays. And at safety, with Evans out, additional depth is needed.

And while the loss was predictable, the nearly-50 point deficit was not...and was almost laughable...almost. The defense could not stop the run, and worse, DBs didn't seem to be even close to receivers on passing downs. After reading BS, it seems coach Landholm was so worried about the deep ball that he left everything under 20 yards wide open as the corners and safeties seemingly sprinted back to the goal line on each play. There's really nothing positive to take out of today, except for Cody Webster's play. And the old adage stands here- bad teams usually have good punters. Hooray, the punter controversy is clearly solved and put to bed. But, my Boilers looked awful every place else.

Without Henry's injury, today wouldn't have bothered me too much. A big loss can get a team humbled and focused...but a team with no offensive identity will have a difficult time beating anybody. A team that can't stop their opponent in any facet of the game will never win.

Just Stop
Everyone on the message boards and here in the comment section calling for Hope to be fired is foolish. I'm not addressing whether there should or shouldn't be a coaching change...But it's not happening.

If you're a Freshman, and this is your first fall on campus, you get a pass because you simply don't understand the culture at Purdue...after that, everyone else knows better.But if you do and you're still making noise, you're simply yelling into a deep chasm to hear your own echo. By the way, I don't agree with much of the culture in the athletic department...but it is what it is. And sadly, I'm not in the position to give enough money or buy enough tickets to change much of anything.

Danny Hope has a get out of jail free card for the remainder of the season- not with me, but with those who make decisions and sign his checks. It would take legal troubles, academic troubles and/or another off-field embarrassment to run Hope out of town right now. Purdue's athletic department has always been slow to move on firing coaches. Even so, his second season is not even completed...and he is now down to a 4th string QB, 3rd and 4th string receivers & 4th and 5th string running backs. Even if you're not a fan of the guy, you have to see that.

I'll go the other way- if Purdue makes a bowl, Hope needs to be considered as Big Ten coach of the year...seriously. Hearing of Henry's injury makes me feel like I did after the Toledo game- that it's going to be hard to win one more game, let-alone two.

Heading the other way?
Illinois played an awful-looking IU team today. They whipped the Hoosiers by 30...which made me feel a bit better in the wake of the bloodbath in Columbus. Illinois' Frosh QB played OK, but didn't need to be great as Chappell handed the game to Illinois time and time again. Every game on Illinois' remaining schedule looks winnable. Next week's game is pivotal for both teams.

Even Better
It's official: Notre Dame is no longer a private institution...because a state entity, the Navy, now owns the Irish. My favorite part of the day was reading UND's rivals site review of the game- they gave Kelly and his staff an "F". This is pretty fun to watch- much like when the Manatee stood around on their sidelines, the Irish can't stop the run...but now, their offense is mediocre too.


boilerup3 said...

Can I someone tell me if the ohio state player blocking a purdue player into the punt returner was legal or not? I feel like I've seen games where that's considered kick-catch interference. At the time, that was a huge play and we'll never know how much it would've changed the game. It just seems like we lost all momentum and basically looked defeated after that play.

boilerdowd said...

I think that was a botched call by Big Ten officials...not surprising.

I think the game was lost when the defense couldn't stop aOSU in any part of the game...but that, as well as that converted third and long deep in aOSU territory, by the Buckeyes was also a pretty critical moment.

Pryor and company said they were motivated by last year's loss more than last week's loss. Regardless of the reason, they looked focused and played like a top-3 team.

boilerup3 said...

I agree, but at the time, we had just stopped ohio state. If we go down and score, things could've been a lot different. Football's big on momentum and we've all seen how quickly Pryor gets frustrated and hangs his head. He showed signs of it after his 2 interceptions when they were up big.

I can't stand how slow our linebackers are, both in reaction and quickness. Our defensive backs looked awful, and will someone please tell Ricardo Allen that tackling a guy after a 7-8 yard gain is nothing to celebrate about when u r down by 20 or more? Offensively, was our game plan really to send only 2 receivers out on 3rd downs and then have Henry chuck the ball out of bounds when they were shockingly not open?

Anonymous said...

Your comment about hope being up for Big Ten coach of the year for taking this team to a bowl is right on!

boilerup3 said...

except for b10 coach of the year is reserved for the likes of tressel, ferentz, bielema,...

boilerdowd said...

boilerup- If Allen doesn't make those tackles, no one else will, clearly...I'm glad he has "fire". He's a true Freshman and is one of Purdue's best 3 defenders, in my opinion.

Clearly, when Landholm is intimidated by an opponent, his defense shows it. He was starstruck today.

Purdue Matt said...

"It's official: Notre Dame is no longer a private institution...because a state entity, the Navy, now owns the Irish."

Ahh, I see what you did there. Well done!

Its interesting that with Kelly the offense seems to be worse. At least with Weis the offense lit up the scoreboard.

BoilerUpAT said...

As much as I hate ND, we are in no position to make fun of them. Why consistently bash them? They beat us..........Talking about Indiana and Illinois is fine-we still play them both.

Anyway, I know about the injuries, I know about the adversity. Yes, its a big deal, but we have to power through it and make some semblance of a showing on the football field. Yesterdays showing was nothing short of an embarrassment. I don't want to go to work tomorrow and listen to it all, I really don't.

Where is the team that overcame all this and beat NU? That is the Coach Hope motivation and preparation I love. This goose egg, plus the loss to 2 MAC teams, and last years piss poor showing against Wisky make me question everything.

boilerup3 said...

If people have something to say because the #10 team's 1st string beat the purdue's 3rd string by 49 at osu's homecoming, then those ppl got some serious problems...when purdue beat NU, we basically snuck up on them with a new offensive scheme...and nd beat us without ralph bolden at nd...hard to run an offense when the other team knows u have no running game

boilerdowd said...

As soon as ND stops acting/talking like they're better than everyone else, I'll stop enjoying watching them lose...and posting about it. Purdue and UND are both bad. But, one fanbase still thinks they're above the college football world- seems they still need the reminder that they're not good...and not getting better.

Ben said...


Purdue Matt said...

We are always in a position to make fun of ND. Especially when they talk about 9-10 wins and a return to greatness every year before getting a dose of realiy.

Patrick said...

BoilerUpAT I agree with your assessment. It really does nothing for me by just celebrating our rivals suckiness when we suck just as bad...and they beat us.

I still don't know what ND alumni you associate with. The ones I know (include relatives) self hate so much its crazy.

Row Boilers said...

Our pass defense is out of Monty Python's the Holy Grail. Quoting the knights on several occasion, "RUN AWAY!" I was at the game and watched the LBs and DBs turn and sprint 20 yards deep regardless of where receivers were running. Saw Beckford once from our 27 yd line, line up 8 yards off the ball, turn and run to the goal line. WR is running across the field 10-15 yds downfield, wide open. Not an unusual play this day.

What the hell is the concept they are being taught? This is standard Purdue defense, it's a shock when a defender is near the receiver or the ball. Been this way for years.