Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bits of BS for 11-16-10

We're introducing a new feature here at BS wherein we will give you yet another avenue to our opinions. Because we know you just don't have enough.

On a periodic basis, perhaps twice a week, b-dowd and/or I will record some quick hit thoughts and post them up in a more bite-sized portion.

Today is an 11-minute bite, which may or may not be the typical length. Who knows? We sure don't.


Bits of BS - 11-16-10

[Update: We're going to go with "Bits of BS" for now.]


David said...

First off, I like the "Bits and Pieces"....great to listen to during lunch.

You talk about how Purdue fans would be on board to fire Hope if we had 83 pts scored on us. I know I would be, but Purdue is SO satisfied with mediocrity, it would never happen. Hope will be around as long as he wants to be. To be honest, I'm ready to get rid of Hope now, and I'm not usually one to jump the gun like that. I understand all the issues we have with injuries and such, but this team just seems to have no fire. And, I just can't bring myself to think that playing for Danny Hope is any kind of incentive for potential recruits. Maybe I'm wrong, but Hope just does not seem to be the answer. But, as long as he gets 4-5 wins a season, maybe makes a crappy bowl game or two, then he'll have that job as long as he wants it.

J Money said...

David, we hear you... but 4-5 wins a year and an occasional crappy bowl game actually won't keep him safe.

If he doesn't have a good year next year, he'll definitely begin to feel pressure.

That said, you're absolutely right in that Purdue accepts mediocrity way too easily.

boilerdowd said...

Hope's squad is far from mediocre, at this point.

Mediocre teams don't:
-Lose to bad MAC teams
-Get beaten by around 40 two straight games

Remember too, one of those games was against a team that looks like it won't even make a bowl this season- Illinois' remaining games include a ranked Northwestern team and a 7-win out of conference team that is as inconsistent as the Illini themselves.

In this era, mediocrity IS going to a lowly bowl. Mediocrity, by definition is "of moderate ability or value."

The Ticket City or Pizza Pizza Bowl are actually pretty bad- they're below the mean in the conference.

And Purdue is well-below that, at this point and was just below that, last season. Hope needs to have them in a good bowl next season, in my opinion. According to the conference standings, wouldn't the Texas Bowl (to 6th place) be considered mediocre by definition?