Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Painter Weighs in on Xavier, officials and his squad

If you've got time to listen to your Lady Ga Ga or Michael Buble at work (and who doesn't), you have time to listen to a very honest interview from Matty.

Click HERE to do so.

IU shill, and Indianapolis ESPN 1070 radio host, Dan Dakich hosts one of the best college basketball coaches and it doesn't take too long to read into what Painter really thinks.

-In spite of not drawing techs very often and seemingly not laying into the officials enough (for my liking), it's pretty clear he's not fond of the way the game is called by some.  Good.  There are a ton of officials that stink at their job.

-Painter has some guys (read as one specific guy) on a very short leash when it comes to on-court, in-game behavior.

If you already liked Matty before this, you'll probably like him more...If you didn't like Painter before listening to this, I don't see how you could continue the madness.


Scruffy_P said...

Coach Painter is awesome. I too wish he'd toss his jacket off or take a Tech every once in a while like Coach Keady.

Plang said...

Matty for President!

Seriously, the guy is one of the good ones and I'm glad Burke got some religion and decided to do what was needed to keep him in W.La.

I find it very interesting how Painter can just say things matter of factly about how to control players, what his team's problems are, and what can be done to fix issues. It really is refreshing to hear that from a coach.

And Dakick really is dumb. Just sayin'.

BoilerRick said...

I'm glad he is our coach one of the best. I know many of you hate Duke, but not me Purdue #1, Duke #2 in my book and Matt reminds me of Coach K. Team first, discipline first, no BS, speaks up and out about things

boilerbugle said...

Way to get a super goofy picture of Dakich

Crazed Boiler said...

Painter is amazing!