Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Review of Ford Field, Home of the Little Caesars Bowl

For those going -- or considering going -- to the Purdue-Western Michigan bowl game in Detroit, the Stadium Journey has been there and has a detailed rundown on what you need to know.

It turns out it's a nice place to watch a game and you might not even be shot. Cool!



zlionsfan said...

A few things I'd add:

-- Keep in mind that concessions for NCAA games aren't necessarily run by the same people who run the NFL games. (It's significantly worse for regular-season games.) Expect that not all concession stands will be open and then be pleasantly surprised if it goes well.

-- The economy has done wonders for that part of Detroit ... apparently criminals aren't really interested in people with no money. When I was there a couple of years ago, downtown was almost deserted. It's too bad, because there are parts of Detroit that are decent, kind of like downtown Indianapolis is now. There are other parts that are like downtown Indy used to be.

-- The Red Wings are playing a home game that night. Joe Louis Arena is not that far from Ford Field, and the Wings game will be starting right around the time the bowl should be ending (barring overtime or typical Purdue vs. MAC defense), so make sure to add extra time for getting around when the game is over, and don't be surprised if nearby bars are full of hockey fans. (If that's your thing, consider it a bonus.)

It's a pretty cool stadium, as is the case for most of the newer ones. Get there early so you can take a look around ... there might even be pictures of a Lions championship team somewhere in there, probably taken by Mathew Brady.

Alec said...

Joe Louis really isn't that close, I wouldn't expect you would run into traffic problems unless you don't know where you're going (and you really should be prepared to know where you're going, otherwise you risk getting into a sketchy area very quickly).
Greektown is probably the best nearby area to go for food/drinks before or after. It's a short walk, but again, I recommend you know where you're going and walk quickly. (you'll probably be ok but it's not the best walk)

Interesting to note that Purdue is 4-0 in indoor bowl games. I've been to two of them (2-1 overall), so hoping that means good luck next week. But then again, maybe a loss would cause things to happen which would make us better off in the long run.