Friday, February 03, 2012

Indiana, You Big Banana, Oh Indiana, To Hell With You*

Sometimes it's easy to remember what you don't like about an opponent. Other times it's harder. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, BS is here to help. In a new feature (and you know how well we stick to new features), we'll help you figger out why you should hate Purdue's next opponent, mainly using third grade playground insults and other such high-brow stuff you've come to love BS for. 

Up today: The Indiana Hoosiers.

Really? I need to do this for the IU game? You need reasons to hate them? No, of course you do not. And while most of these pregamers are meant mostly in jest, this one....well....yeah.

How about the fact that the past is not relevant when you're talking about Kelvin Sampson's violations, firing, and effective gutting of the program; Bob Knight's ignominious shit-canning, choking of players, assaulting of students and faculty; or Tom Crean's abominable record at Indiana? Yes the past is relevant when IU knuckle-draggers want to rub their 1940 national title banner in your face? I don't know, either, but that's how they roll.

IU not only hasn't beaten Purdue in four years, they haven't really been competitive. And that sucks, because this used to be an incredible rivalry and right now a whole generation of Purdue students know nothing of IU other than as a doormat. Granted, that appears to be changing, but it has allowed the rivalry to simmer somewhat from what it once was.

Sometimes teams have representatives of their program who are easy to hate; other times they are less easy to hate. Charlie Weis was a great example. He was so arrogant, so it was actually beyond easy to loathe him -- it was fun! The same is building with Tom Crean. The phony enthusiasm, the overrated resume, the goofy-ass faces he makes.... they are all things that make me so glad our coach is not like that.

There's so much more to add... this post could be quite lengthy. So I'll leave it to you. Share away.

7 PM tomorrow, BTN.  

*This headline is the corny opening line of the alternate fight song for IU. When I was a freshman, a fifth year senior I was friends with explained that back in the day, there were alternate versions of each team's fight song that opponents would learn and sing at games. Because they were likely borne of a simpler era like the 1960s, the insults were things like "you big banana." My, how times have changed. I guess dildo doesn't rhyme, though.


Chad said...

- The fact that during football season, their fans will be wearing Notre Dame attire.

By the way, I've constantly been reminding my IU buddies the fact that Crean has won at 1 Big Ten venue outside of Bloomingon in 4 years of being coach. If Mackey Arena becomes the 2nd venue Saturday, I really don't know what I'm going to do.....

Plang said...

What the crap are you talking about?!?! IU is back, baby! They are big! They are HUGE! Every columnist on a national level loves them and is glad they are back! They love to use exclamation points! They are wicked awesome!!!!!

Seriously now: Tom Crean is a great recruiter, great clapper, and good at impersonating a tomato or other red object. Other than that, I think he is just a rather expensive doorman.

Keep reaching for the stars!

BoilerJack said...
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BoilerJack said...

Clappy Crean reminds me of a well-tanned Judd Nelson from the breakfast club with the punk-look on his face on the link in the article...nice pull. Boilers need to "balls up" in this one to get a quality win.

Erin said...

John Harbaugh noted yesterday on Bob Costa's show that himself and Jim gave a talk to the IU bb team yesterday. I hope they don't give IU the extra motivation they need to beat the boilers.

And, I may be dating myself, but I know the big banana lyrics from when I was in school (late 90s)...I still sometimes hum them...

CalTravelGuy said...

2-31 in Big Ten road games under Coach Clapper... both wins at Penn State. I know they are "improved" but this would be an epic embarrassment if we lose. These Boilers need to man up for a slugfest and grind out a win.

boilerbacon said...

These are the lyrics as taught to me by my father ('69 alum) when I was a lad...
Indiana you big banana
Indiana the hell with you
You will fight for the cream and coffee
And the Honor of old Purdue
At the altar you'll always falter
In the battle, you're black and blue
Oh Indiana, Oh Indiana


Ryan F. said...

Matt Painter has won more B1G Coach of the Year awards than Tom Crean has won B1G road games.