Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Return of The Mack(s) - It's Handsome Time

What's that out there? In the distance? Is it an oasis? A mirage? Or is it the real thing? The Handsome Hour, glittering in the distance... looking delicious, handsome and quenching your thirst for Purdue-related fun and other nonsense.

Tonight, the Boiled Sports Podcast -- The Handsome Hour -- returns with gusto. Scheduled to join us are two titans of media* who you'll love to hear from.

We're changing things up only slightly for Season Six, as we're moving the start time up to 9:30 PM so that Boilerdowd can catch the 11 PM news with a martini in hand before he cues up his DVR of The Bachelor.

The Boiled Sports Handsome Hour -- drink it in, tonight at 9:30 PM, Eastern.

*local media, that is


CalTravelGuy said...

Age old question for your show... I can't decide if it's better for IU to lose tonight at Michigan or win? An IU loss is always a good thing, but do we want to play them Saturday coming off a W or L. Thoughts?

BoilerPaulie said...

I'd normally say it'd be better for them to be coming off a win, but then I start to think about Tom Crean's road record. He doesn't need any additional confidence right now. Michigan needs to win.

Of course, there's the other side of that coin - probabilistically speaking, if they get the road game monkey off their back tonight, our chances then become better on Saturday.

Bottom line is, IU just needs to suck on Saturday. Doesn't matter what they do between now and then. Everything else is just too confusing to psychologically figure out.

boxercr said...

Fans overthink stuff like this. IU losing is always good. The good news is the IU homers are starting to doubt whether their early season success was real or not. Sure they beat Kentucky, but they are below .500 in conference and looking up at Purdue once again. I am unusally confident that the Good Boilers show up and remind IU they belong in the bottom half of the Big Ten.

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