Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Set The Earth Reverberating With OSU Hate

Sometimes it's easy to remember what you don't like about an opponent. Other times it's harder. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, BS is here to help. In a new feature (and you know how well we stick to new features), we'll help you figger out why you should hate Purdue's next opponent, mainly using third grade playground insults and other such high-brow stuff you've come to love BS for. 

Up today: The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Why hate the Bucks? Glad you (didn't) ask.

In a fan poll we conducted over the summer OSU fans unsurprisingly won the title of most obnoxious fans in the Big Ten. Of course, I think everyone's mindset was (rightly) on football at that time, so I wonder if their fans would also win such a poll for basketball.

And the truth is they might not, as their basketball fans kind of...suck. They play in a rarely-full, soulless building built by child slave laborers whose only shelter from the elements is the occasional evening spent in Thad Matta's nose.

They have a higher payroll than the Tampa Bay Rays.

OSU students actually cheered this.

Their merciless pummeling of the Boilers in Columbus last year.

Oh, there are many reasons to hate on the Bucks. Feel free to share yours.

9 PM tonight, ESPN.


BoilerWhat said...


boilerbacon said...

Is it wrong as a lifelong Boiler to hate aO$U more than IU? I think I have reached that state. While having a lot of what could be right about the college athletic experience - tradition, success, weird mascot... They seem to go out of their way to do everything that is wrong with the college athletic experience - cheating,$,obnoxious bandwagon fans....

BoilerPaulie said...

trust me... they win the most obnoxious fan poll for basketball, too. when the paint crew went to Value City Arena last year, as we were leaving, someone told us that we might as well just go home and all hang ourselves.

in columbus, it's not just a game. they'll do anything to win. anything.

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