Monday, March 19, 2012

Handsome Venting Hour - Tonight

Barring an hiccup in our availability and schedules, we're going to run an impromptu, previously unscheduled Handsome Hour tonight, mainly for ourselves to get some thoughts off our chests. It'll be cathartic for all of us. Or us, at least.

You're cordially invited to listen at 9:30 PM, ET, tonight at this link.

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Beenken said...

I couldn't agree more about how no one should find any fault in Lewis Jackson and Ryne Smith from last nights game. Any time Ryne got the ball the was COMPLETLEY covered... Lew Jack ran the offense well and I don't know how many times he got shots blocked with now foul but that's what happens when you play against a strong defensive team that is flat out bigger than you. I hate that we lost that game, but I love how everyone in the media today clearly respected us and always mentioned "...and Kansas, well... That was a great game to watch, Purdue gave them all they could handle."