Thursday, June 07, 2012

Boiler Football 2012 Poll: Sound Off, Yo.


Anonymous said...

We're on the cusp of the Austin Appleyby Era. How can you not be at least a bit optimistic?

boilerdowd said...

Appleby...and Etling. Plus, there are 3 run-first guys who will be able to do a lot with the ball in their hands.

BUT, I don't think many, if any of these guys will see the field in '12.

The Brilliant Moron said...

I see EKU, EMU, Marshall, and Indiana as likely wins. At least they better be.

I don't know what exactly to expect from the Gophers this year, but I think the game at Minnesota should be very winnable.

That's 5.

Then there's Michigan, Wisconsin, and Penn St. at home, OSU, Iowa, and Illinois on the road. I don't think any of those are sure fire wins, but I wouldn't be shocked to see Purdue take 2 of those 6. Not sure which 2 exactly though.

That makes 7.

boilerdowd said...

You're a thoughtful Moron...and I think you're about right.

Ryan F. said...

You're forgetting the annual "Danny Hope Non-Conference Collapse" game - but I do think 7 wins is obtainable.