Monday, July 23, 2012

NCAA Sanctions PSU

The NCAA has ruled on the Sandusky cover-up by Paterno...I'm sure I'll miss something, but here's what I've gleaned:

-The terms were agreed to by there will be no counter lawsuits
-4 year bowl ban
-$60 million fine that will be given to victims of children victimized by sex crimes as well as associations that strive to prevent such crimes (to be paid over 5 years)
-10 scholarships lost for four seasons
-All PSU football players will be able to leave immediately without punishment or loss of eligibility

B1G will release additional sanctions and penalties at 11:00am...According to numerous sources, multiple presidents in the conference are for PSU's removal from the conference.  The conference bi-laws state that 8 sitting presidents in the conference must demand the removal of a member for it to occur.


Plang said...

Do you think 8 sitting presidents would have the courage to demand PSU's removal? I don't.

BoilerPaulie said...

Probably not. Unless Notre Dame is finally ready to join a conference and they can have something like that ready to happen. Not that I'm itching for that at all, but I just don't see Penn State leaving the conference, voluntarily or otherwise, without a premier CFB program ready to take its place.