Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paterno's Blemish to Remain at PSU

The Joe Paterno statue was removed from outside of Beaver Stadium early Sunday morning...but prior to it being removed, PSU students and fans came by to pay even more respects to the Demigod that is Joe Paterno's myth. I know that many PSU fans have come to grips with the size and abhorrent nature of this scandal...and the fact that their leader betrayed them, and most-importantly, innocent children by covering up a scandal for at least 15 years- those people seem saddened, disgusted, rightfully angry and shell-shocked.  But many PSU fans, students and alums still don't get it.

Before we go any further, I want everyone to keep an eye out for the signs a god figure is being created by man:  The impression of infallibility, the belief that no one ever has, nor ever will do their job close to as well as them, the thought that a person is bigger than the institution for which they work...and any erection of permanent statues and structures in a living person's honor are all good ways to spot fans that have become truly fanatical and finally have resigned themselves to simply worshipping at the altar of a false god.

If the stories of the myth of Paterno are true, at one point, he was humble enough to worship a God higher than himself. But sometime, while being genuflected to over a five decade span, he began to believe that very few that came before him, if any, were as important as he.  His actions, statements and even silence tell the tail to a great extent, but allowing people to raise a statue in his likeness while his lungs still drew breath was probably the greatest sign of his hubris.

But it's pretty obvious how this monster was created. Do a quick search for the statue, and you'll find what I found- photos of posters and notes along with articles still defending a man and a legend that's indefensible.

That's why the NCAA's impending actions are of the utmost importance.  Tomorrow, both the NCAA, and possibly the B1G, will announce how they plan to punish this structure that created an outlaw assistant coach, a head coach without a moral or ethical compass or any respect for the law or human decency and high-ranking officials that believed the family was more important than anything else.  That family needs to be destroyed.  Sadly, through firings, guilty verdicts, resignations and more and more proof of atrocious, repetitive actions and behavior, JoePa still remains a gleaming legend in the minds of tens of thousands...if not more.

The NCAA, nor a conference has ever had to hand down a punishment for something like this...Thank God something like this has never happened before. We're in unchartered, murky, foul, wretched waters.  And if the message is sent loudly and clearly enough, hopefully, we'll never have to witness anything like this again.

But those that continue to worship at the altar of Papa Joe clearly are too dense to understand anything but a nuclear winter.  A football season in which Beaver Stadium sits cold and silent might finally send the message in a manner that they understand.


PurdueBill said...

Some of the comments by people at BlueWhiteIllustrated are remarkable. Saying that the NCAA will be open to severe legal action for not allowing Penn State "due process under the law" with no understanding that the NCAA is not a state actor and due process (5th and 14th Amendments) pertains to state actors. Bashing Freeh, saying that he was paid off to blame the dead guy. Saying that they will do all sorts of outrageous things if this or that is done to PSU. It's absolutely amazing to read that kind of stuff. Hopefully it is a small minority. People complaining about "mob rule" and their "spineless President" "caving in" to it. The people writing that can't see that they, themselves, appear as a very angry mob?

I have to go out to, of all places, Penn State for a conference for a week that has been scheduled there for several years now. I just want to get there, attend what I have to, and get the hell out. If there is any trouble while I'm there, I'm getting out of town. Thank goodness the majority of the students are away for the summer so the risk of a riot is less.

boilerdowd said...

Bill- Please get the pulse of the place and report back!

PurdueBill said...

I don't leave for there until Friday (meant to mention that) for some pre-conference meetings, which is good because I don't know if I'd want to be around during the media frenzy. I hope it settles down by then. The opening event of the actual conference on Sunday is in the Paterno building (the library, I guess)...kinda auspicious.

It will be interesting to see what people around there have to say, especially after finding out tomorrow what will happen to them. Part of me wants to watch Live With Kelly at 9am--if it isn't preempted by a special report covering the news conference--and I will catch up with the NCAA thing during one of BTN's several scheduled reruns of it through the day. How much of this can we take? :P

BoilerWhat said...

Hopefully the kid with tent can look back in 10 years and realize how big of a fool he was.

PurdueBill said...

Got a few pics of the former statue site today. The wall, which was demolished last week, was indented into the berm which has been extended through the former site. People are still stopping to view and take pictures. A group wearing "we are... pissed off" shirts was getting their picture with the site and objects hung on the chain-link fence.

Numerous shops in downtown have signs in the windows "We support Penn State football"...I don't know if those are from after this broke. Also there are businesses around that have their signs with insertable letters reading similar messages.

A few pictures: