Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fact Checking is Fun!

So we weren't the only ones who noticed that Purdue's preview on EsPNU was chocked-full of errors...To prove the point, here's the story as it aired:

And click here for the re-taped, fact-checked interwebnet version.

I should get paid more for my awesome fact-checking skeeeeelz.


The Accidental Expat said...

ESPNU's B1G preview which aired last night (and may have been a repeat; I'm sure they'll air it again) spent about as much time (i.e. less than 2 minutes) on our Boilers, yet it was a 1-hour program. A lot of airtime was lavished on the big 5 (and perhaps understandably so, as they each take up spots in the preseason Top 25) and the problems at Penn State, but at least we fared better than Goldy, because AFAIK, they did not mention Minnesota once. Half a gold star to ESPNU's analysts for acknowledging that the Big Ten is now the #2 conference in the land, with talent to be found top-to-bottom, and above the Big 12 and Pac 12, but still lagging behind... oh, I forget. Some Conference in the South Eastern quadrant of these United States. Maybe it was the Sun Belt?

BoilerWhat said...

This clip pretty much sums up ESPeon. Throw a head and a pretty face on the screen and go sell some advertising. Who needs factual information?

What's also ridiculous Urban Meyer's ability to successfully use his media "tenure" to slime up this all access O$U show which has been airing for the past month. I'd rather get hit over the head with more SEC rah rah clips.

U-P Boiler said...