Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not Everybody Is High On The Boilers

We continue sharing the previews we find from groups around the sports landscape by today directing you to Andy Staples' Big Ten preview at SI.

Andy is a good guy and does a very thorough job when he analyzes college football. Unlike others who have hopped on the Purdue bandwagon (and believe us, this is a weird thing to get our heads around), Mr. Staples has taken a different look at things and doesn't see good things for our Boilers.

He has them at 5-7, (2-6) which is actually what I dourly predicted a few weeks back.

He also has IU at 5-7 with a 4-0 non-con sweep, too, so I guess like everything, take it with the ol' grain.


T-Mill said...

If Indiana goes 5-7 this year I will walk to Bloomington and buy season tickets.

The Starving Guitarist said...

I will insert a banana into my armpit and gargle with some bleach.

J Money said...

I like this meme.

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