Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BS Appears On Enemy Podcast

We were once again asked to join MadTown Badgers for their preview podcast centering on Purdue football. We joined up with Mike Carmin from the Lafayette J&C and talked Purdue football for 45+ minutes.

So if you've been longing to hear my dulcet tones and continuing trepidation about Purdue football, circa 2012, tune in and give it a listen.

I particularly enjoyed Carmin's last line of his appearance where, after I thanked him for the work he does and for keeping us all informed, he said that they do their best, "under the circumstances."

Take that as you will.

1 comment:

KevinB said...

Sorry J, I thought they were going to cancel the podcast when you came on and said you were replacing Dowd on the cast. The pause was pretty funny. It was an excellent time to add in a break to act like the podcast was cancelled.
Great job on the podcast. Very interesting.