Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Handsomeness on Display

The Handsome Hour had its second-ever video 'cast last night, which was met with cheers and applause that has only recently subsided. The guys talk Purdue football, whether their outlook has changed, if Danny Hope is holding this group back and much, much more.

There's nothing better than audio and video of your favorite Purdue boyz.

(Go here if you'd rather watch via the Ustream site.)


MrAnonymous said...

Enjoyed the podcast, except the crazy adds that would pop up at odd times.

H. Jones said...

The podcast was great. I was a freshman during the '03 season 3 of the 4 losses were less than 7 points (BGSU, OSU, UGA), and we got housed @ Michigan. It was (sadistically) great to relive the last 20 minutes of your podcast -- I know exactly how J felt about the Kansas game... the lead never felt safe.

I had a similar feeling last year with the men's BB team when they faced Butler @ Banker's Life. We were watching it @ BW3 (YEAH SPORTS) and my friend, who is a huge Louisville fan, pretty much said Purdue had the game in the bag with 10 minutes to go in the game. I knew something was off with Purdue that day they couldn't extend the lead, etc., and I told them... "they'll find a way to lose this game"... and they did. Like you said, when it comes to being a Purdue fan you know when things will go bad, and you set yourself up for that disappointment.

Concerning your format, the once a month podcast idea is good. I think having a podcast after the Marshall game as a preview to the BT schedule would work. You could generally talk/ have a call-in session for the first 4 games in the beginning of October and do the same for the next 4 games in the beginning of November. If you want to do quick hits per specific game with you just talking that's cool, but your blog posts suffice with that. Anyway, keep up the good work love your stuff.

H. Jones

J Money said...

Thanks for the feedback, H!

Plang said...

Video gold!