Sunday, September 09, 2012

No Update on Marve's Knee

According to Danny Hope, Purdue, the Lafayette Journal & Courier and Gold and Black Illustrated, there's no news to report on Robert Marve's knee.

I have no idea if we should read this as no news being good news or if it's one of those things where the prognosis is bleak and they just want to be certain before they crush Boilermaker fans' worlds again.

An MRI can be conducted quickly and the results can be read shortly thereafter, so frankly, I would think we should know by now. I imagine the swelling is something that can delay the MRI, but if the swelling is so bad that it's delaying it into tomorrow, I will say that doesn't sound good, either.

While other outlets will probably broadcast it first, we'll be sure to let you know if we hear anything. If you're on Twitter, stay tuned to Mike Carmin and GBI for updates.

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Ben C said...

I'm inclined to think it's no big deal. Purdue has a pretty good track record for being the last to report ACL injuries. If he's significantly injured, I think we'd have heard it by now.