Saturday, October 20, 2012

A stunner in Columbus (almost)

The outcome of this game sucked.  After two humiliating losses in a row I definitely though this one would be UGLY (and not the Harry's kind).

Then they had a couple of huge plays and two impressive drives (though one ended with an INT at the end of the first half) and it seemed like Purdue would pull the stunning upset.

Then, unfortunately, we were abruptly brought back to reality.  I saw a tweet that really spoke for me and to me.

"This is why Purdue fans are always pissed off.  This.  Right.  Here."  - @JamesEvens



strawmy57 said...

* unfortunately and predictably

ATL_Boilers said...

I had other commitments today and couldn't watch but was keeping updated via my phone and game cast. Besides the couple of long drives everything else looked like 3 and outs or there about. Got a text from my buddy that. We got the ball back, up 8, inside 3 mins and Bucks with 1 TO. Figured we surely had to be able to get 1 first down twice it... Then my phone died. I came home only to see the final score. Wow. That is beyond excusable. Wonder how Nord's play calling for that situation worked in effing practice this week...

And the fact that we were in that position late only makes the last two weeks even worse. Were the guys only playing for their coach this week? If so, that's garbage.

James said...

Does Purdue WANT to win games like this? They have Dame and the ropes and give it away, and then hand Ohio State the game on a giant silver platter. With about two mins. left Purdue allows a 40 yard pass play, miss a tackle on the QB, and a defensive back PUSHES a receiver in the end zone. With the season on the line and a two point conversion, the only Purdue defensive player within five yards of the OSU tight end was a defensive tackle. I can assure you that no defensive scheme uses a DT to defend a tight end against the pass. NONE!

I'll save my choice for the new head coach for another time, but he may have been standing on the sidelines today.

Markag said...

Purdue lost as soon as they got up by 8 and started playing safe. When they were only up by 6, they kept the pressure on (as much as they could). It seemed like as soon as they got that safety, they just decided to take the rest of the game off. Then, when aOSU got the long pass play on the last drive, I knew we had lost there. We were on our heels, and we can't step up when we need to.

When they tied it and went into overtime, I really knew we had lost because Purdue can't do anything on offense.

I actually told my wife last night that any team that plays Purdue should spot them a touchdown early in the game to let them get confident. When Purdue gets a lead, they go into safe mode and loose the game. It looks like it took a while, but it happened again today.

Markag said...

At least the program can't use a surprise win against Ohio State as a reason to keep Hope around for another year.

Ken said...

That was one helluva game. Buckeye fan here, and I think we may have done your program a favor by dashing the Legend of Danny Hope.

Seriously, it was an exciting game, you've got some serious playmakers on defense. Good luck rest of season.

Plang said...

I beat the spread. Me and my walkin' money are gonna go have some fun.