Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Few More Hazell Thoughts

-If you were just a normal schmoe out of college making $45,000 and you got a raise similar to Darrell Hazell's, tomorrow, you'd be making a bit over $300K.  That's not too bad, if you're into that sort of thing.

-Purdue's football program, in a very down year generated nearly four times the revenue that Kent State generated in an extremely-good year in which nearly every ticket for home games was sold.

-Darrell Hazell's flashes won 6 road games this season.  Two of those teams (Bowling Green and Rutgers) are going to bowls.

-Their best wins were Bowling Green, Rutgers, Ohio and Ball State.

-Their two losses were on opposite ends of the spectrum- a head-scratching, crushing defeat at the hands of Kentucky...and an overtime loss to NIU in the MAC championship.

-His Flashes are playing in the Bowl on January 6th...he's still trying to find a way in which he can coach the game...but doesn't know yet if it will happen.

-His players seem to harbor no ill will toward him for leaving...and the players he used to coach talk glowingly about him as do the coaches that used to work with him (from what I've read).

-The press conference is at 7:00pm tonight...and BTN will air it (nice of them).

-Am I the only one already looking forward to the Black/Gold game?

Hazell's press conference from Akron today:


Anonymous said...

The more I learn about Hazell the more excited I get. I really think this is a big step forward for the program. As long as the fans will support the team through the initial bumps and bruises, it seems like we're in good hands.

WinamacBoiler said...

Every Purdue fan needs to watch his exit presser from Kent. Dude is a MAN. M.A.N. MAN.

Very excited.

zlionsfan said...

A few more things:

-- Apparently the team's GPA improved under Hazell. I've no idea if that's because his predecessor was ignoring it, because Hazell focused on it, or what. I'll give a nod to Hazell for now.

-- Hazell was the RB coach at West Virginia in 1999 and 2000 ... which could have been really interesting. Those were Don Nehlen's last two years, so Hazell doesn't have two years of experience with the run-based spread Rodriguez ran at WVU and Michigan.

-- The last Kent State coach to lead them to a bowl was Don James. Yes, please. (I realize those would be unfair expectations, but a man can dream, can't he?)

boilerdowd said...

Good stuff, gents...can we get a link, Winamac??? I couldn't find the video via search.

WinamacBoiler said...

well that was just poor etiquette on my part.

WinamacBoiler said...

And you'll particularly enjoy the last minute where he amazingly refrains from calling the reporter a dumbass. Man has restraint.

boilerdowd said...

Great stuff...I'm adding this as an addendum. Thanks, WB.

Joe said...

i missed the first half of the press conference tonight... there a link to the video anywhere?

boilerdowd said...


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