Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fast forward exactly one year from now...

Make your predictions in the comment section:

-What seed will Purdue be in the B1G tourney?
-Who's the starting five?
-National ranking (if any)?
-What else has changed in the conference?

2014 B1G Tourney seeding:
#1 MSU
#2 UM
#3 aOSU
#4 Purdue
#5 IU
#6 Wisconsin

Purdue national ranking: #19

Purdue starting 5:

1 RonJohn
2 TJohn
3 RayDay
4 Hale
5 Hammons

Sixth man: Simpson

Purdue forecasted as 4 or 5 in NCAA tourney

-After losing a heartbreaker to Steve Alford's New Mexico team in the round of 16, IU's Olidipo decides to leave for the NBA...Zeller stays. Tom Crean blames Alford for ruining the conference (for leaving Iowa) and ruining IU's program (for not coaching there) following the game.

-Trey Burke's flirtation with the NBA in '12 becomes much more serious in '13 as he heads to the NBA...the rest of UM's team stays in spite of tourney run to the elite 8.

-Tubby Smith fired from Minnesota after Minnesota misses the NCAA tournament. In an effort to get back to dirty basketball, Minny hires Ben Howland after he's fired by UCLA.

-Illinois' second season in Champaign starts slowly after Illini lose large Senior class...Makes 2014 NCAA tourney.

-aOSU's Deshaun Thomas leaves aOSU after Buckeyes lose in the round of 32 to VCU.

(since I can't see the future, some of this is tongue-in-cheek...other parts are my best guess; you can decide which parts are serious)


Ryan F. said...

Ooh, this is a fun game. Made even better by having no accountability to my picks!

-What seed will Purdue be in the B1G tourney?

-Who's the starting five?
Ronnie Johnson
Terone Johnson
Rapheal Davis
Donnie Hale
AJ Hammons

-National ranking (if any)?

-What else has changed in the conference?
Penn State and Purdue build on end of 2013 success.. Both are in the top half of B1G in 2014.

With Zeller, Oladipo, Watford, and Hulls gone, IU lacks any form of leadership and struggles to remain above .500 in conference play.

Bo Ryan finds peace, face remains red instead of purple whilst harassing the nation's officials.

strawmy57 said...


Ranking: 14
Tourney 4 seed

Starting 5:
6th(7th/8th): Chooch/Hale/Scott

Oladipo/Zeller gone
Burke/Hardaway gone
Smith fired

Harris player of the year
Painter coach of the year
Scott freshman of the year

Mommatried said...

Crean/Alford wrecking Iowa and IU damn near made milk come out my nose. Had I been drinking milk at the time of reading I'd say the odds are pretty good that would have happened.

Somebody tell The Forehead he's a damn Chippewwa. He may be the coach now but the legacy and program of IU basketball doesn't belong to him. Wreck "our" program? He's a damn idiot and I like it when he loses. #understatement

Beenken said...

I like Lawson over Hale... even though he shares my mother's maiden name (hint credit card stalkers).

Matt Painter For Life,

The Brilliant Moron said...

Purdue - 4th seed in BTT; in line for 5 seed in NCAA

National Rank: 23

Starting 5 early in season:


Once Simpson gets his legs back, he gets a shot at the 4. When the offense starts to struggle, Painter goes back to a 4 guard line up and the starting 5 by the BTT is:


I think Sparty wins the B1G. IU falls to the middle of the pack without Oladipo and Zeller.

As an aside, I really would LOVE to see UNM take out IU. That would be the most delicious schadenfreude ever. But I think UNM is in line for a pretty high seed, so it would probably be in the elite 8. I'd rather IU lose before then.

Boilergal said...

B1G standings:

Nat'l rank - 23


Hale (replaced later by Simpson)

Major minutes off bench: Scott/Stephens

Duke goes on to win its 5th banner (all since IU won their last) pissing off the Hoosier nation which was bounced in the Sweet 16 by a team that (shocker) out-toughed them.

UM out before Elite 8, because that's what Beilein's teams do

MSU out in Elite 8

DeShawn Thomas returns to OSU, despite pleas from his momma, baby momma and sister to enter the draft (of course, they have new B1G Tourney champs shirts to wipe their tears, which is an upgrade from what they wiped with the Purdue shirts they swiped at the OSU-Purdue game this year)

No B1G teams in FF

SheHe becomes next season's Byrd, unable to adapt to attention received as a main scoring threat. Zeller, Oladipo, Hulls, Watford leave gaping hole of leadership, chemistry and scoring ability. The Movement continues to take a dump, aside from Yogi, who declares for the draft along with Vonleh.

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