Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Hockey Handsome Hour

Once again, a special thanks to Hank from The Railroad Tie and Hoosier Hoops Report (and a longtime Washington Capitals fans and unabashed lover of hockey) for joining forces with me last night to do an off-topic BS podcast, the Hockey Handsome Hour.

We talked about what makes hockey awesome, each series in this year's first round, the dominance of the Blackhawks, the Caps-Rangers series that it so close to our hearts and, of course, we made some laughable Finals picks.

It's all crammed into a 90 minute podcast of excellence. So if you've got some time to kill and would love to hear some of your favorite familiar voices talk hockey, here you go.

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boilerbah said...

Can't wait to hear the predictions... there's not enough hockey talk among Boilers, I'm glad you're there to pick up the slack.

J Money said...

Thanks for the feedback... we're thinking of doing occasional, off-topic stuff like this. After all, there's probably a lot of other things we all have in common.

dontcare said...

When does the Old Gold and Black ice a team?