Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Coaching Prospects...

Little-by-little there is info leaking out about Purdue's coaching search. Here are some of the rumored names that have been involved in conversations...preliminary interviews, if you will.

-UW's offensive coordinator, Paul Chryst
-UCLA's offensive coordinator, Jay Norvell
-Purdue's defensive coordinator, Brock Spack
-Houston's (just hired) head coach, Kevin Sumlin
-UM's offensive coordinator (fmr. CMU head coach), Mike DeBord

Here's my order for those five:
1. Chryst
2. Sumlin
3. Norvell
4. Spack
5. DeBord

Seriously? Mike DeBord's Chippewas won just over 25% of their games with him at the helm. Purdue would go from 2007 MAC champs to 2008 MAC cellar dwellar. His UM offense, that included supermen Arrington, Henne, Hart, Manningham & Long was 8th in the Big Ten in scoring, and 10th in yardage.

Hiring DeBord would be like the Dolphins hire of Cam Cameron, seriously.

I'm still kind of sad that I haven't heard whispers about Ron Meeks, Ron English, Steve Mariucci, Brian Kelly, Craig Bohl, Mark Farley.

I'm really happy I haven't heard that Jim Chaney, Jim Coletto, Tony Samuel, Bobby Williams, Doug Downing, Scott Downing and Leon Burtnett haven't been "leaked" as candidates.

Regardless, I'm hoping the next coach can build on the 60% winning record that Tiller has had and improve upon it.


Tim said...

In my neck of the woods, I've been hearing talk that Rick Trefzger is rumored to come in as defensive line coach.

A good choice I think.

Anonymous said...

Leon Burtnett is available? Huh, never would have guessed that.

boilerdowd said...

Maybe Brandon Hance can be QBs coach.

Anonymous said...

Dowd - that is just silly. He would be the Uniform Consultant...

Purdue Matt said...

AT Simpson as receivers coach? Kirsch as "team-togetherness" coach?

boilerdowd said...

Now you're talking Matt!!!

Maybe Beron Lecovic (sp?) could be the kicking coach.

Gittle said...

It was Berin Lacevic (don't ask me to put in those Slavic accents) and he was a cool guy; unfortunately, he couldn't kick for...well, you know. So yes, he would be a great kicking coach. :-D


boilerdowd said...

EG, I like Berin's story and wanted him to succeed...hopefully he got a degree out of the deal.