Friday, January 18, 2008

Reminder IU fan: The NCAA is still investigating your crooked coach.

I have plenty of friends who are Hoosier fans and are currently enjoying the season...watching the super-talented Eric Gordon and company win a lot of games and earn a spot in the top-10. Good times, good times. Eat drink and be merry...for tomorrow you may die...Or your program and its leader's career might, anyway.

Let's all not forget, your ole buddy, Miles Brand is still sniffing around for evidence of what violations have been committed by Coach Sanctions and Co. Sources in print, TV and radio have reported that coaches of former recruits, the recruits themselves, opposing programs and parents of recruits are all being sought and questioned regarding the recruiting practices of IU's current coach. Also, all electronic records and purchases made by IU's athletic department for the basketball team are being looked into.

Who knows what will come of this...and for the few IU fans who refuse to buy into Coach Sanctions as your leader, stand strong, you might look like geniuses come Spring of this year. As for the rest of you, from those who have chosen to turn a blind eye to his past to those who simply think winning at all costs is paramount, you might just learn what those costs actually are in the near future.

Dan Dakich is on staff for a reason...he'll be your coach in '08/'09 and the transition will be as painless as possible when the NCAA breaks out the whooping stick. Go ahead, jump on board the Dakich bandwagon now! When the board of directors at IU voids Sanctions' and Greenspan's contracts, remember who told you a long, long time ago...a handful of wise people in the IU family and whole bunch of Purdue fans.